About bj

BJ Baldwin has had a long history involving Motorsports, over two decades, a passion that began as a child.

At a very young age BJ always had an interest in Cars. Dukes of Hazard, Smokey and the Bandit, Fall Guy and Night Rider were among his favorite TV shows.

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time National Off Road Racing Championships
time Back to Back Baja 1000 IRON MAN Champion
Shooting stat
Shooting stat

How BJ started

As young as 3, BJ use to beg to sit on his Mother’s lap and steer her car around the neighborhood. When BJ was 6 years old, he convinced his Mother to allow him to take full operating controls and drive her 1986 Lincoln Continental around the neighborhood, which very soon transformed into a negotiating tool for good behavior and an improved report card. From 6 years old till 9 years old, when entering the neighborhood BJ would switch seats with whom we he was driving several times a week.

When BJ was 9 years old, his Sister brought home a brand new convertible Black Corvette. When asked to move it into the garage, BJ snuck it out to drive around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes, which he payed dearly for.

How BJ started

At 13 years old, once again he stole another Convertible Corvette for a neighborhood Joyride. Only this was his Father’s OEM Classic 1962 Convertible Corvette. Which came back home undiscovered with a grenade transmission. This event was also costly for Baldwin due to the fact that at his first Job, a shooting range, it would have taken 32 years to pay for that transmission. Of which he was forgiven, instead of euthanized.  

Baldwin’s Father, Bobby Baldwin, always wanted BJ to be competitive. At 17 years old, with several years interest in Off Road Racing, his Sister and his Father loaned him money to purchase a 15 year old limited class VW buggy to race and in 1997 he began living his dream of competing in Motorsports.

This pursuit to be a professional Trophy Truck Driver had several evolutions. From a small privateer team that over time had to transform into a Motorsports Marketing Company and for the last 15 years, that’s what it’s been.

Throughout Baldwin’s career in the most abusive form of Motorsports in history, BJ Baldwin has been well known for pioneering certain advantages Performance Upgrades, Motorsports Styling, and started the trend of meet and greets at tech inspections to show Desert Racing fans and spectators, the love, the appreciation, and respect they deserve.

Challenges and triumphs

In 2003 BJ Baldwin left the start line for the first time in his life in a Trophy Truck. Beyond dreams come true. Baldwin led the race for six hours, finishing top 5. Baldwin has led almost every one of the Baja races he has competed in at one time or another. Mechanical failure is the only weakness, of which Desert Racing is popular for. With a good running Truck that is reliable on any given race day, with a good prep and a good team behind him, Baldwin has what it takes to manufacture time. With no failures Baldwin has won dozens of desert races and 7 series points Championships. In 2021, thanks to new marketing partnerships, Baldwin has the best equipment and the best team behind him with new powertrain making over 1100 horsepower. Temporarily solving his constant requests for more horsepower.

In the 2021 season, with better equipment, comes better results. Having led several races despite being under power, with a new power plant and working with the best team and navigator he’s ever had, Baldwin has never been more motivated to push competitors out of the way and rip to the front of the pack.

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